Learn Line Dances in Virtual Reality

We’ve all been there. You are at a party filled with party people, and a song comes on from the DJ booth. Everyone cheers and goes to the dance floor. Maybe if you go in the back, no one will notice you don’t know the dance, right?

After a few measures, the tune repeats and everyone makes a 1/4 turn. You’re at the edge of the floor so you have to look front and side to catch up. You almost got the choreography! Then everyone makes a 1/4 turn.

Oh no!

You’re up front, everyone is behind you, and don’t know the dance! What to do?

We’ll teach you popular line dances with Virtual Reality!

With Line-Dance Virtual you can learn these popular dances from your own home and at your own pace. You can even fill the dance floor with virtual people!

Add Line-Dance Virtual to your Steam wishlist now and be the first on to know when it’s out!

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